Goodbye “a bug’s land” – We’ll Miss You!

When California Adventure opened 17 years ago, there weren’t very many things for young children to do. It was a common guest complaint. Imagineers set to work fixing the problem. They designed and built a land especially for younger guests which opened October 7, 2002. “A bug’s land” was the first area at Disneyland themed entirely to a single movie. It fit in California Adventure because, you know, there are farms in California, and farms have bugs. A picnic area called Bountiful Valley Farms was taken from “a bug’s land” when Cars Land was added. That area is now Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. With that part of the land gone, “a bug’s land” is only loosely related to the California theme. But it’s still a lot of fun for kids.

a bug's land entrance

After serving families for many many years, Disney has decided to close what’s left of this beloved land. A new super hero-themed land is coming and unfortunately we will be losing “a bug’s land” to make space for it. But these are circus bugs, so they shouldn’t have a hard time finding a new home. For those who didn’t have a chance to visit in these last few weeks, here’s a few pictures to help you remember that its tough to be a bug.

We will definitely miss the detail that was put into this land – the popsicle benches, the four-leaf clover that John Lasseter insisted be included, the lightning bug light fixtures. We will also miss having an area that provides Disney California Adventure with a few more kid’s rides. Hopefully Disney will remember this when they continue to add more attractions. And at least Flik’s Flyer’s will be moved over to become the “Emotional Whirlwind” in Pixar Pier. So goodbye to “a bug’s land” – we will miss you!!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye “a bug’s land” – We’ll Miss You!”

  1. I was just listening to some A Bug’s Land music in my car, which got me thinking back to it. And then I realized that it is gone.
    Kind of a sad moment for me.

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