About Us

Here at The Sorcerer’s Guide, we help you navigate the Disney Parks and provide you with customized plans and shorter wait times. We couldn’t do this without extensive research and a love of all things Disney. Where did this all start? Let me tell you.

Tyler and Sarah met while attending Brigham Young University. On their first date they realized their mothers grew up in Corona and Norco going to Disneyland frequently. Because of their mothers love of Disneyland, Tyler and Sarah grew up going as often as they could and had become Disney fans. After a blind date, they spent their second date at Disneyland and were engaged by the wishing well 6 months later. Their love of Disney grew as they listened to podcasts, read books, watched documentaries, and visited the parks often. During Tyler’s masters program he developed an app that used the traveling salesman problem to make customized plans to shorten wait times in theme parks. This masters project grew into what is now RideRouter and with that came the development of The Sorcerer’s Guide.

We hope you’ll enjoy our site and learn a little more about the magic Walt Disney created many years ago.