About Us

Here at The Sorcerer’s Guide, we help you navigate the Disney Parks and provide you with customized plans and shorter wait times. Figuring out how to navigate the crowds – when lines get long, when they get short, or whether crossing the park for short line is worthwhile – takes a lot math. When Walt Disney first opened Disneyland, most attractions didn’t even have a designated queueing area. The Imagineers were a bit surprised when lines started to form naturally. It’s a challenging problem about predicting how people will behave, and it has some fun results, so we want to share that with you!

As great as it is to to talk about lines, the reason we all go to Theme Parks is to ride the rides, see the sites, and enjoy the parks. They’re amazing places full of memories for millions of people. At the Sorcerer’s Guide we, we write guides, news, reviews, and commentary to share our love for the awesome theme parks with you.

We hope you’ll enjoy our site and learn a little more about the magic Walt Disney created and how his company keeps it going today.