Disney Crowd Calendar

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How We Make Our Crowd Calendar

To make our Disney Crowd Calendar, we track wait times at the parks, and make predictions about what future wait times will be. The crowd ratings here are based on predictions about whether most rides will have wait times above or below their averages. That means that the Crowd Calendar represents how long you can expect to wait in line on each day.

Some people may prefer to know about how many people are in the park. Take Space Mountain as an example. If there are more people in the park, Disney can put more trains on the track. So even though more people will be in line, the wait time doesn’t necessarily increase. As another example, if there are more people in the park, Disney can have more parade performances, which will pull people away from the rides. That means that two days can have the same rating, even if the attendances are different. In general, days with a high rating will also have higher attendance, but that may not always be the case.

We describe crowds this way because it tells you how many things you can do in a day.

Keep in mind that Disney’s reservation calendars may change based on their crowd and staffing expectations, as well as the kind of ticket you plan to use. Make sure that there are still reservations available for the days you’re planning to go.