Tickets to Disneyland and Disney World

Discount Disneyland Tickets

Tickets to Disneyland are expensive, and it seems they are getting more expensive every year. You can buy tickets from Disneyland’s website, but if you look a little deeper, you can typically find discounted tickets. Here’s a list of our favorite places to save a little money on tickets.

  • Get Away Today – a travel planning site that sells tickets on their own or in packages. They often have deals for adults at kid prices.
  • aRes Travel – another site that has been selling discounted Disneyland tickets for many years.
  • AAA – If you call your local club or check online, you can usually find some great deals on tickets, but you do have to have a AAA membership.
  • Supermarkets – some supermarkets like Safeway, Albertson’s, and Ralph’s sell discount ticket. These are typically Southern California resident tickets though so you’ll need an ID with a Southern California zip code.
  • Southern California CityPASS – with a Southern California CityPASS you get discounted tickets to Disneyland, Legoland California and Seaworld San Diego. If you are planning on visiting these other parks, you will save a lot by buying this combined pass instead of individual tickets.
  • Teachers’ Unions – Every once in a while, Disney will make a deal with a teacher’s union to give you discounted tickets. It doesn’t happen every year, but if you’re a teacher, it’s worth checking with the union.
  • Large Companies or Government Agencies – Some companies have access to discount tickets. Check with your HR department.
  • Military Salute Tickets – Active or Retired US military personnel can purchase discount tickets at participating US military sales outlets or at a Disneyland ticket booth. These tickets can be used by family members and friends but they do expire at the end of each year. A military ID will need to be shown when the tickets are activated at the gate.

If none of these works well for you. You can usually get discounted Disney gift cards from stores like Sam’s Club and then use the gift cards to buy tickets either online or at a ticket booth. Also remember that the more days you spend in the park, the cheaper each day is. And if you are planning on more than one trip, you might want to consider getting an Annual Pass.

Just as a reminder, always be careful when buying discounted tickets. Make sure you are buying them from a legitimate company. Don’t ever by tickets off eBay or Craigslist, especially if someone says they have remaining days left on their ticket. Disney tickets are nontransferable, so don’t ever pay for a ticket someone else used.

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