Various Tickets to the Disney Parks

Ticket Tips and Info

Here’s what you need to know after you buy tickets to go the Happiest Place on Earth.

Tickets are Nontransferable

Tickets are associated with a person and cannot be shared. At Disneyland, the first time you use your ticket, a cast member will take a picture of you. Your picture will pop up every time you enter the park. At Disney World, you will scan a fingerprint instead of having your picture taken. A fingerprint scan will be required every time you go through the gate.

Losing a Ticket

Both Disneyland and Disney World will replace a lost ticket if you have a picture of the barcode and numbers on the back. This is great news because Disneyland only adopted this policy in 2014. So just in case, when you get the tickets in your hand, take a moment and take a picture of them. That way if you lose it you can go to any Guest Relations location or ticket booth and they will print you a new ticket. If you find yourself without a picture of the back of your ticket, but you have a FastPass receipt, Guest Relations may be able to get you a new ticket using the numbers on the bottom of the FastPass.

If you happen to lose an Annual Pass, Disney will happily print you a new card, but there will be a fee attached.

Upgrading Tickets

You always have the option of upgrading your ticket. If you decide you want to stay another day or purchase an annual passport you can apply the value of your ticket to the total price. If you purchased your ticket at a discounted rate, the ticket booth will still use the full listed price against the total. If you are planning on buying an annual passport, you can save a few bucks if you purchase a discounted 5-day ticket and then upgrade it.

If you upgrade to an annual passport, the start date will be the first day you used the original ticket. If you are planning a trip around blackout dates, make sure you don’t upgrade until the last blackout day. You will still be able to get into the park with your annual passport on the day you upgrade if you are supposed to be blacked out. But if you try to get in the next day, even if you had days left on your original ticket, you will be blacked out and won’t be able to get in.

Expiration Dates

All tickets must be activated by December 31st of the year they were bought (or the next year if you bought your tickets close to the end of the year). If something happened and you weren’t able to use your ticket and it expires, you can trade it in at the ticket booth for a new ticket. You can only do this if you never used the ticket, not if you have days left on a ticket you already activated. You also may have to pay more if Disneyland ticket prices have gone up since you purchased the original ticket.

Multi-day tickets expire 13 days after the first day you used it or as soon as all your days are used. So, make sure you only buy a multi-day ticket if you are going to use all your days.

Park Switching and Park Hoppers

You cannot use Disneyland tickets to get into Walt Disney World or vice-versa. Even if the tickets are expired, you cannot trade them in to visit the other park.

Park Hoppers allow you to switch parks in the middle of the day. The parks are big enough that if you are trying to save money, you don’t need a park hopper. However, they are convenient if there are attractions you want to see at both parks. If you buy a non-park hopper but decide in the middle of the day you want to switch parks, you can always upgrade to a park hopper.

In App Tickets

If you have the Disneyland App, you can attach your ticket to the app so you have a digital version of the ticket. This is really convenient so you don’t have to pull out your ticket every time you enter the park. For families, you can attach your entire family’s tickets to one person’s app. You can also purchase tickets in the app so you don’t have to worry about printing anything. Though you will have to pay full price instead of getting discount tickets.

Magic Mornings

Some tickets will come with a “Magic Morning” or “Early Morning Magic”. This will give you access to the park one hour before it officially opens. This usually comes only with tickets that are 3 days or more. Make sure to check the schedule for the park so you know which park is open early.

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