Disney Parks History

Time Transforms Rio del Tiempo to Gran Fiesta Tour

Characters keep sneaking more and more into Epcot. This park started out as a permanent World's Fair, but it doesn't ...
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The Parade that Keeps Coming Back

In our house, the Main Street Electrical Parade has become known as “the parade that never ends”. This recent run ...
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Mickey Mouse Club Theater

The Fantasyland Theatre of today is home to Mickey and the Magical Map. This stage should not be confused with ...
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America Sings

America Sings was a Musical Revue at Disneyland. Musical Revue shows were popular among the Imagineers in the 60s and ...
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A Bug's Land entrance sign

Goodbye “a bug’s land” – We’ll Miss You!

When California Adventure opened 17 years ago, there weren't very many things for young children to do. It was a ...
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Walt and Lilly: A Love Story

It was January 1924, and Walt was working on the Alice Comedies. He needed to hire a new “blackener”, also ...
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Mark Twain Riverboat

Walt Disney’s 30th Wedding Anniversary

Walt and Lillian Disney celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on July 13, 1955. Though Walt was spending hours preparing his ...
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California Screamin DCA

California Screamin’ Joins Some Great Attractions in Yesterland

With the closing of California Screamin’, we thought we’d share a little history and some pictures. When this ride opened ...
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Disneyland Partners Statue and Castle

Walt Disney Recognition Day

116 years ago today Walter Elias Disney was born to Elias and Flora Disney in Chicago, Illinois. He went on ...
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Disneyland Railroad

Early Days of the Disneyland Railroad

Walt loved trains! He knew he had to have one in the park, so when plans were drawn, it was ...
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