World of Color

World of Color debuted to the public 7 years ago today (June 11, 2010). As luck would have it, I happened to be at the Disneyland Resort that weekend and got to see it. I remember watching it the very first time and honestly, it took my breath away. It’s amazing how they can just take fountains and turn them into something so beautiful.


So in honor of World of Color’s Birthday, I decided to post some fun facts and a little history. Enjoy!


  • Disney decided, back in 2004, they wanted to add some kind of new attraction to California Adventure. California Adventure had only been open since February 8, 2001 but it was not bringing the attendance Disney executives had hoped. They knew they needed some big changes to turn the park around. In 2007, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced these changes, including World of Color, Cars Land, and the new park entrance.
  • It took 5 years of planning, start to finish, with 15 months of installation and testing.
  • There were many different versions and many different concepts before they finally settled on a water show in Paradise Bay lagoon. The Imagineers considered a ride as well.
  • In just about every project from the first attractions until now, the Imagineers set their minds to do impossible things. World of Color was no different. Imagineers figured out how to create fountains with multiple moving heads and were able to add light and color to the fountains, something they were told they couldn’t do.
  • World of Color uses 1,200 fountains, 36 fire-emitting cannons, and 28 high-definition projectors to create a 19,000 square-foot projection screen and a show that is truly magnificent.
  • The show cost $75 million dollars to design, manufacture, and build.
  • The viewing area was reconstructed to make watching the show easier.
  • The fountains can reach 200 feet in the air. For reference, Mickey’s Fun Wheel is only 150 feet.

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