Coco movie poster

New Coco Trailer Released

A new Coco trailer has finally arrived. With beautiful animation and more information into the plot of the movie, I can’t wait for November when it finally gets released.


I love Oh My Disney’s description of the movie. “Coco tells the story of aspiring musician Miguel, a boy who is magically sent to the Land of the Dead on Dia de los Muertos, and needs to find his family members in order to be sent back to the Land of the Living. To return to the Land of the Living, Miguel will need a magical marigold petal and the blessing of a family member. However, the family member can include any condition she likes—even forbidding music forever.”



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If you can’t wait till Thanksgiving, you can experience a bit of the magic of Dia De Los Muertos at the parks. From September 15th to November 2nd Disney California Adventure will have a special seasonal experience. With new food choices and special musicians preforming, you are sure to get into the spirit of Mexico’s Day of the Dead. After November 2nd, some of the offerings will move to A Bug’s Land. It’s A Bug’s Life! theater will also be showing a sneak peak of the movie. Frontierland across the esplanade will still have its special Dia De Los Muertos display as well. If you get a chance to visit these offerings, let us know what you think!

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