The 2019 D23 Expo.

What to Expect from D23 (Part 2)

Here’s a continuation of some of the attractions we hope to hear more about at the D23 Parks and Resorts panel this Sunday. These are all rumors, but they’re all things we think will be getting more information soon. Cruise Ships. At D23 in 2017, Disney announced that it would be building 3 new cruise ships. Since these take so long to build, it’s not a surprise that we haven’t heard anything else since then. But, we may get another glance at them this weekend. Don’t expect a lot – perhaps an update on how new technology like Amazon’s Alexa could be integrated into the cabins, or maybe just names for the ships. Disney recently bought another island in the Bahamas, and this will likely be an expansion to Castaway Cay.

Avengers Campus. Yes, the names were announced yesterday, and some of the story is being shared at the Disney Parks Booth at D23. But it would be a surprise if the area isn’t mentioned. A lot of these plans have been leaking over the last few months, though, so this likely won’t be a huge announcement.

Mickey’s Runaway Railway. This attraction will open early 2020, almost a year after its original schedule. This seems to be for strategic reasons to avoid overlap with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. But we’re sure Disney wants to build the hype for the first ever Mickey Mouse ride, so we’ll probably see a mention for this ride. We already know that it’s coming to Hollywood Studios and Disneyland, but we haven’t seen much of the concept art for inside the attraction. Since this attraction is based on the newer Mickey Mouse cartoons, which are a totally different style from ToonTown, we will likely see at least a partial retheming for ToonTown.

Fantasy Port at Tokyo Disney Sea. Last year, Disney announced this new port would be built in Tokyo. The Fantasy Port will contain three neighborhoods, similar to the Incredibles, Toy Story and Inside-Out neighborhoods at Pixar Pier in California Adventure. This time, the neighborhoods will be Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan.

Zootopia. We originally thought that when Rafiki’s planet watch closed at Animal Kingdom, it would be replaced with a Zootopia area. That closure turned out to be temporary, and now this area is slated for Disneyland Shanghai. It will likely be exclusive to that park for a few years. We have a little bit of concept art, but not much. More may be on the way soon.

Brazil Pavilion. The last time a new pavilion opened in World Showcase at Epcot was the Norway pavilion in 1988. Since Disney is gearing up to use Epcot as the center of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration, they’ve been looking into adding another. While it won’t be ready in time for the celebration, a Brazil pavilion may still be on the way.

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