Fantasy Port Coming to Tokyo Disney Sea

There are a lot of new developments coming to the Disney Parks around the world. Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios and Pixar Pier at California Adventure open this month. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open in Disneyland and Hollywood Studios next year. A super hero-themed land is coming to California Adventure, Hollywood Studios Paris and Disneyland Hong Kong in 2020. There are rumors of other coming changes. And today we learned that Tokyo Disney Sea will be getting its own new land. A guest parking area will be converted to a new port featuring areas themed to “Frozen”, “Peter Pan”, and “Tangled”. It will include four new attractions, three restaurants, a new shop, and a new hotel. The land is slated to open in 2022.


Guests will enter the land of Arendelle, just after the end of the movie. Queen Elsa has embraced her powers and has opened the gates. This area will have one attraction: a boat ride. Guests will be immersed in the story of Anna and Elsa, hearing the beloved songs and encountering surprising thrills. This area will also feature a restaurant inside the Arendelle Castle.


This area contains Rapunzel’s tower and the nearby forest. An attraction will take you through Corona, where you can experience Flynn and Rapunzel’s day together, ending with the magical lantern festival, accompanied by “I See the Light,” our favorite song from the movie. This area will also feature a restaurant inspired by the Snuggly Duckling. We’re thrilled that we are finally getting a Tangled area after budget cuts turned the plans for a Tangled area at the Magic Kingdom into just a bathroom and stroller parking.

Peter Pan

The Never Land area will be getting two attractions and a restaurant. Here, guests can experience Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship (the Jolly Roger), Skull Rock, and the verdant mountains, home to the Lost Boys secret hideout and Pixie Hollow. We’re hoping that the Jolly Roger and Skull Rock are reminiscent of the versions built in Disneyland for its opening in 1955. On the first attraction, guests will board a boat, but as you follow the Lost Boys down the river, Tinker Bell will sprinkle some of her magic fairy dust and off you’ll go, flying through Never Land watching Peter Pan fight Captain Hook to save John from the pirates. A second attraction will take you to Pixie Hollow where you can see where Tinker Bell and her friends live. The restaurant will be inspired by the Lost Boys hideout.


On the edge of this new land will be a brand-new luxury hotel themed to Disney fantasy at the heart of the land. With 475 rooms, guests will overlook these magical areas. The hotel will include a park entrance and the first floor will feature a new merchandise shop. The hotel will also contain two additional restaurants.

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