The Incredicoaster is Coming…

With just under a month until the Incredicoaster opens, Disney has released the story and the show scenes. I’m thrilled for the new attraction.

As you enter the Incredibles Neighborhood, you learn you’ve been invited to the inaugural launch of a new Incredicoaster. The citizens of Municiberg are dedicating their roller coaster to the Incredibles as a thank you for their heroic efforts and incredible deeds. After boarding, you will enter the VIP inauguration lounge and see the Incredibles family and Edna Mode. Edna and Jack-Jack, who are too short to ride, have to wait for everyone else. But Jack-Jack escapes, and his family has to catch him.

Dash in the Incredicoaster

After Jack-Jack escapes the VIP lounge, Dash sprints after him. Jack-Jack’s powers add to the mayhem as he shoots a blue laser beam from his eyes. Dash has to use his super speed to dodge his brother’s laser beam.

Dash animatronic on the Incredicoaster
Dash Figure

Then, during the second tunnel, you’ll see Elastigirl. She’s stretched 53 feet along the inside of the tunnel as she tries to grab him. Jack-Jack stays just out of reach. As you come back down the hill, Mr. Incredible reaches through a hole he punched in the side of the tunnel. He’ll be holding a cookie, trying to lure Jack-Jack to him. And with the new Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums kiosk just below the coaster, you may be able to smell the delicious cookie Mr. Incredible is holding.

Concept Art of Violet in the Incredicoaster

In the third tunnel, Jack-Jack is on fire. In an attempt to save you and the other riders, Violet will send her purple force field up into the tunnel, shielding you from the fire.

As you go over the series of humps, you’ll find a laughing Jack-Jack multiplying in mid-air. At the final helix, Edna Mode will let you and the Incredible family know that she has Jack-Jack, safe and sound. You will then find yourself in the VIP lounge, much messier than before, with one last surprise.

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