Jungle Cruise Reopens

Back in January, Disney announced Jungle Cruise would be getting some updates. This included a few new scenes and a backstory featuring Alberta Falls, granddaughter of the famous Albert Falls.

Disney Parks Blog announced it would reopen on Disneyland’s birthday – July 17th. We all got a little surprise today when it soft opened. The imagineers must have finished it a little early. For those not in the parks, here’s your first look at a few of the new scenes.

The new scenes were well done. They fit into the ride well, and the animatronic monkeys looked amazing. When Disney announced a new backstory, we were worried the Skippers dialogue would change. Thankfully, the ride is still full of our favorite Jungle Cruise jokes.

While we are sad to see Trader Sam gone, there is still reference to him and they kept the cute spraying elephant.

While Disney said there is a story now, there was no mention of it on our excursion today. The Parks Blog said the imagineers may be tweaking things until it’s official opening, so there is a chance the Skippers will go into more of the story in the coming days.

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