MaxPass is Live

MaxPass is a new way to reserve a FASTPASS, and it went live today at the Disneyland Resort. As part of the Disneyland App, you will be able to link park tickets and reserve a FASTPASS without having to go all the way to the FASTPASS kiosks.



Disney has released MaxPass with an introductory price of $10 per ticket per day or $75 to add it on to your annual pass. Unfortunately, MaxPass won’t be prorated if you have less than a year before your pass expires and it will expire when your pass does. You can purchase MaxPass for the day using the Disneyland App or visit the ticket booth to add it on to your Annual Pass.


To use MaxPass, you will need to link your park tickets to the app. All you have to do is scan the barcode on the back of your ticket or annual pass. You can link multiple tickets to a single account so that you can reserve a FASTPASS for everyone in your party.


When you’re ready to get a FASTPASS, just select “Get FASTPASS” and follow the on-screen instructions. When it’s time to use your FASTPASS, all you have to do is open the app and scan all your tickets. It’s really convenient and saves you from having to pull out all your tickets when you enter the FASTPASS queue.


As a bonus, MaxPass currently includes a free PhotoPass. PhotoPass gets you access to all of your on-ride photos and any pictures taken by a Disney photographer. Just make sure that you enter your on-ride photo code in the app and show the PhotoPass to the photographer.


For more information, check out this video.


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