Pixar Pier Rumors

Since Bob Chapek’s and John Lasseter’s announcement at D23 that Paradise Pier would become Pixar Pier, there has been a lot of speculation. Though nothing has been officially announced by Disney, we do have some pretty exciting rumors.



We have wondered what exactly will be considered Pixar Pier. It sounds like it will go from the area by Ariel’s Grotto all the way around the boardwalk to the old Maliboomer pad. The good news is Disney won’t have to retheme rides like Goofy’s Sky School, the Little Mermaid dark ride, or Silly Symphony Swings.  The bad news is that the Pier theme could tie all these things together, and it doesn’t look like these will be on a pier anymore.


Ariel’s Grotto and The Cove Bar will get a Pixar theme. There aren’t any Pixar characters that hang out in bars like Gaston, so we’re not sure who this will be.  Maybe the characters from A Bug’s Life will be crawling around in your food?


California Screamin’ will get a new coat of paint and some overdue maintenance work when it closes after Christmas. It will reopen as a new coaster themed around Dash from the Incredibles. From an anonymous source, we have heard Mrs. Incredible will make an appearance, possibly giving us direction on how to stay safe through the adventure. When everything goes wrong, Dash’s super speed turns into the coaster experience. The expansion pad in the middle of California Screamin’ will finally get the spinner ride planned for that area since park open. Instead of an Ursula theme however, it will be Incredibles themed. We think it would look good as a giant Omnidroid, but there may be plans for the spinner to be Jack Jack themed.



King Triton’s Carousel will also get an upgrade and we are hoping we will be able to ride on a mix of Pixar Characters like Wall-E and Eve or even Nemo and Dory. This area will be a dense Incredibles theme, though, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the carousel went that direction as well.



There is also a possibility that a new theater will be built to move Turtle Talk with Crush over to Pixar Pier. Tokyo DisneySea has a beautiful theater made specifically for Turtle Talk. We would love to see this theater brought over to California.



One last juicy rumor for you. Disney may finally use the Maliboomer pad, but not how you’d expect. A dark ride would be built back behind the coaster and the Maliboomer area would be the line. We here at The Sorcerer’s Guide are hoping for an Inside Out dark ride, but only time will tell.  The exit will likely come out through the current Sideshow Shirts store.  Since our Pixar Pier concept art shows Bing Bong on that store, this would make a well themed exit store.

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