Pixar Pier Concept Art

Pixar Pier Update

Disney has shared some more details about the Pixar Pier overlay. Lots of the details they’ve given us line up with the rumors and speculation we shared a few months ago. The update describes the four neighborhoods of Pixar Pier. The remainder of Paradise Pier (from the Silly Symphany Swings over to the Little Mermaid darkride) will remain unchanged, but this area of the park will now be called Paradise Park.

Neighborhood 1: Incredibles

California Screamin’ will be rethemed as the Incredicoaster. The area will have a mid-century-modern-style with character moments.  We previously speculated that there would be a new Incredibles themed spinner as well, but there’s no word on that.  It looks like the Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto will be a part of this Neighborhood, but we don’t have specifics.

Neighborhood 2: Toy Story

This is essentially just Midway Mania. In the concept art, King Triton’s carousel looks like it has walls around it, and Jesseis in front. We expect this to just be a Toy Story retheming.

Neighborhood 3: Inside Out

This is the darkride we speculated. And like we guessed, this ride won’t be coming next year, but at some future date.

Neighborhood 4: Pixar Favorites

The Games of the Boardwalk and Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be transformed to showcase Pixar characters.
Though Mickey will remain at the center of the Fun Wheel, each gondola will feature a different character. For the games, the current Bullseye Stallion Stamped will remain, while new games will feature WALL-E, A Bug’s Life, and La Luna.

Most of the retheming will take place when he attractions close on January 8th. Pixar Pier will officially during Pixar Fest, which begins April 13. Pixar Fest will also take the Pixar Play Parade to Disneyland Park and introduce a new fireworks show called “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular.”

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