How to Save Money on Your Disney Vacation

Disney vacations cost a lot of money and they’re just gonna get more expensive. People are always looking for ways to make it cheaper, so here’s what we do.

Get Buttons as a Cheap Momento from your Trip


All the Disney parks give out free buttons, whether you’re celebrating something or not. You can get a button that says “Happy Birthday”, “I’m Celebrating”, “Happily Ever After”, “Just Graduated”, or “First Visit”. Cast members at guest services have them, but sometimes they run out. If you’re looking for a particular button ask around, sometimes cashiers have them.

Buy Disney Merchandise Outside the Parks


We all know how expensive t-shirts, or mugs, or mickey ears are when you’re shopping at a Disney Resort. There are lots of other places that have Disney merchandise for much cheaper. You can visit stores like Walmart or Target, or shop online through Amazon or Etsy. Disney outlets are a great option too if you have one nearby. Even has some great sales to get official Disney merchandise.

Bring Your Own Food into the Park, or Leave the Park for Meals


Growing up we always took Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunch. Usually we carried the food around in backpacks, but it tends to get pretty smooshed. If you rent a locker you don’t have to carry it around and it stays fresh. If you don’t want to pack all your food while traveling, stop at a grocery store after arriving and buy food then. You can also leave the park. This takes time, especially if you’re at Walt Disney World, but it does save money. There are some restaurants in Downtown Disney with cheaper food. If you’re in Anaheim you can go out to Harbor and find McDonald’s, Denny’s, or Captain Kidd. Do some research before your trip to find places outside the park.

Buy Tickets Online or from a Third Party


Buying tickets at the ticket booths is expensive and usually the line is really long. If you buy them online through Disney’s website or one of its approved sellers, like Get Away Today or AAA, you can save a few bucks. This is extra helpful if you’re planning on upgrading your ticket to an Annual Pass because Disney will give you credit for the entire ticket price even if you got a discount.

Take Advantage of Promotions like AP Popcorn Buckets or Refillable Mugs


Always check for special promotions Disney may be offering. Sometimes you can buy a popcorn bucket and then refill it for $1 the rest of your visit. This is a great price if you plan on eating lots of popcorn. Sometimes they do promotions on refillable mugs too.


What tricks do you have for saving money on your Disney vacations? Comment below, we’d love to hear them!

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  1. When you get a treat at the park while visiting with a group, share your treats with someone. If you want to try one of the gold churros, not everyone needs their own. Sharing can keep costs down a bit.

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