Sleeping Beauty Castle Has a New Look

Sleeping Beauty castle has been behind scrims for the last four months to be repainted. The roof was fairly damaged after years of adding and removing banners, decorations, and Christmas, so the redo will help the castle stayh in good condition in the coming years. Disney is also looking for ways to spread the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge crowds throughout the park. Having a brightly colored, new castle  help draw visitors to the castle for photo opportunities, relieving the pressure on the new land.

The color scheme is much more vibrant than in the past. The brighter blues make Sleeping Beauty Castle look more like the castle from Disney’s current movie intro. The goal was to make the castle looke more fairy-talke-like, which helps the transition into Fantasyland. They used lighter pinks towards the top of the castle to enhance the forced perspective of the castle’s height.

Take a look at some pictures of the castle and how it’s changed over the last few years.

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