Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Wait Times

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is now open and, thankfully, the wait times seem to be well controlled. In the months leading up to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening, we were all worried about how Disney would control the massive amount of people who would want to experience this new land. We worried about paid reservations or 6+ hour waits. But it looks like Disney’s new crowd control strategies worked better than we thought they would. Disney figured out how to control the lines and make the wait times very manageable with their new reservation system.

We track wait times as part of our research for our app RideRouter and we have a good look at what the average weight time has been opening weekend.

It’s easy to see how the wait times go up when each new reservation group is allowed in. For those of you who got a reservation, you might want to wait about an hour and a half into your scheduled time in Batuu before you get in line for Smugglers Run. That will help you to maximize your time in the new land.

The current system lets Disney control how long people are in the land and limit the number of times each guest can ride Smugglers Run. When reservations end on June 23 and boarding groups go into affect, wait times may jump. We haven’t heard about any time limit for the virtual queuing system, which could result in some pretty long lines. Hopefully Disney will limit the number of times each person can go on the ride so that more people will get the experience without waiting in 6+ hour long lines.

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