Use RideRouter to watch Disneyland Wait Times

The last three days have seen cast member previews at both Disneyland and California Adventure. Wait times have been low as expected. Despite the lower staff levels and the lower hourly capacity for each of the rides, the limit on park attendance can have a dramatic effect on wait times. Here are a few graphs that show wait times throughout the day from the cast member previews. The shaded regions show what wait times were like pre-COVID – the bottom shows a slow day, and the top shows a busy day. Since the lines are towards the bottom of the shaded area (or under it) for most attractions, that means that wait times have ben very low the past few days.

On average, the parks have been slower than normal. But you can see that not every ride has a line much shorter than normal. Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion have both had moderate wait times in the early afternoon. It’ll be hard to know for sure how lines will change each day, especially for the first few weeks of operation after Disneyland reopens. RideRouter is up and running, and will be making predictions about how lines will be changing throughout the day. Typically, RideRouter predictions can accurately display what will be happening for the entire day just a few hours after the park opens each day. It’ll be a reliable resource for you while we learn what crowds at Disneyland look like in a post-pandemic world.

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  1. My biggest take away from this is that 10:00 is the time to ride Space Mountain. It looks like all the people who get fast passes in the morning leave Tomorrowland and don’t go back until the afternoon.

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