How To Get Into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We know for the first month you’re required to have a reservation to get into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Reservations were gone in about two hours, but if you stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel between May 31 and June 23, you’ll still be able to get a reservation.

Disney recently announced how guests will be able to get into the new land after June 23. A virtual queue will be used, so there won’t be a giant standby line clogging Frontierland. Recently opened attractions consistently have very long lines. For example, when Indiana Jones Adventure opened in 1995, the standby line filled the entire queue, wound through Adventureland, and stretched down Main Street, all the way to City Hall. With how many people want to see Galaxy’s Edge, a standby queue would be insane. It could stretch from the entrance to the land all the way down to the front gate. Having that many people in one line would be a nightmare to manage, but the virtual queue should relieve the pressure of such an unruly line.

The Disneyland app will be your way to get a spot in the virtual queue. When you enter the park for the day, you can check the app to see if Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open or if it requires you to join a “boarding group”. There will be a designated module in the app called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Status and Access. When it’s time for your boarding group to visit the land, you’ll receive a push notification telling you to make your way to Galaxy’s Edge. For those of you who don’t have access to the app or don’t want to do it on your phone, you will be able to sign up for a boarding group from select locations inside the park. There will be signs throughout the park that display boarding group status so you will still know when it is time for your group’s turn. For those of you in large parties, you will be able to link multiple tickets to your app so that your entire party can get a spot in the same boarding group.

The boarding groups will likely fill up fast so you will probably want to get to the park early to make sure you get into a group. Disney has given a warning that getting into a boarding group does not guarantee entrance. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit after you get into Galaxy’s Edge, so people could get in and camp out for the day. So, if you end up in the last boarding group of the day, there is a chance that too many people will be sticking around and you won’t be able to get in.

Good luck out there to all of you who are planning to visit the park in the next few months. Getting into Galaxy’s Edge might be difficult, but it’s sure going to be worth it!

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