RideRouter – A Disney Park Planning Tool

No one likes waiting in line for hours, but it’s part of going to a Disney Park. RideRouter is a Disney park planning tool that can help cut down on the time you spend in line by finding the best times for each attraction.

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to make wait time predictions and decide how to avoid long lines. All you have to do is tell us which rides and shows you want to see, and we’ll suggest the best order to visit them. Disney park planning can be overwhelming, but we’ve got the data to make solid recommendations, so you fit more into your day. This is similar to Disney’s Genie service, but here are some advantages of using RideRouter:

  • Our only motivation is to help you cut down on wait times. Disney also wants to distribute crowds around the park to make their own operations easier, which may not always benefit you.
  • We give you control over your plan. RideRouter is about giving you information to help you decide what to do, not telling you where to go. That’s why we have both the “Optimize” and “Evaluate” functions.
  • We share data about how many minutes we expect for Wait Times. Genie’s Tip Board only gives qualitative comparisons.
  • We let you pick as many attractions as you want. If RideRouter doesn’t think you’ll be able to fit them all in, then it’ll plan everything it can. Genie will limit what you can select for a day to make sure it all fits in.

RideRouter is free to use. Your Login is used to save the plan you make, and to return its optimized results to you. Login to start planning!